Massage to rest and regenerate.

Revive your purpose, passion, and presence by pausing to care for yourself with massage therapy.


The magic happens when you pause for massage.

You do so much for others. You hold space. You give to the world.

But you may also be feeling overwhelmed, tired, and possibly even resentful because you give so much, but don't always feel taken care of yourself.

You may be ignoring your pain - mental, emotional, or physical - putting your best face forward because "fake it till you make it" echoes in your mind.

Taking time to pause - feels counterintuitive - but what if that's the key to reconnecting? With yourself. With your clients. With your family.


The price you see is what you pay.

That’s it.

Relax Wichita takes a simple and different approach to business with things like one price for any type of massage (no Pink Tax), no up-charges for any “extras”, and a no gratuity policy.

Rianne takes a slightly more complicated approach to providing massage therapy. This means you get a massage therapist that stays on top of relevant research, takes new classes regularly, pays attention to the client, and has always had a very high standard for sanitation.

You get a massage therapist that has passion + integrity.

Mental Health

What does it even mean?

Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

-World Health Organization


Realize your own abilities.


Cope with normal stresses of life.


Be productive. Yes, rest is productive.


Contribute to your community.


Our Nervous System

Massage works by affecting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Ya’ll. Could it really be that simple?

Yes. Yes. It. Can.

There’s an estimate of 1000 nerve endings per square inch of skin. When a massage therapist is working, neurons are firing and your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, taking you out of the “fight or flight” response and letting your body release pain and tension, calming your mind, and giving you mental clarity.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated by massage and your body moves out of the a sympathetic response, pain is relieved, your mental clarity improves, and your body and mind is available to do the work you want instead of being on guard. Pain is relieved because your nervous system is the game master, not from a muscle being manipulated until it relaxed.

I've been providing massage for mental health for over a decade now, way before it was cool.

Way back when people thought I was a little crazy for not "fixing muscles" and "correcting posture" to get people out of pain.

It's been a long journey to get where I am and really lean-in to helping people with their mental health through massage.

Kind Words and Love From Clients:

Rianne is an excellent massage therapist!

The room was clean and comfortable, and the massage was relaxing and rejuvenating. I will definitely be returning to Relax Wichita for my next massage.

Rianne provides a very relaxing massage experience!

I have a hard time relaxing, and have neck and shoulder pain, so I often feel sore after a massage. Rianne was able to help me relax and feel better in just 30 minutes, but I could've stayed on the table for hours, try it!

If I could rate higher than 5 I totally would.

I am highly anxious by nature, but was instantly calm as soon as I met Rianne. She spent ample time with me {assessing my background} in order to provide the most effective treatment specific to my needs.

I look forward to making regular visits and improving the quality of my life.

Had a great massage with Rianne from Relax Wichita.

I was able to fully relax and alleviate some tightness in my neck and shoulders. Highly recommend this for anyone seeking massage and wellness.

What a gift to the Wichita community!

I met Rianne when she joined The Hive and I knew immediately that she knew her niche. Her recent lunch and learn presentation taught me an incredible amount about massage for mental health.

I look forward to my monthly massages with Rianne as I carry a lot of stress and she truly helps me RELAX both mentally and physically!

I have been to Relax three times, and every time has been great!

Scheduling is easy and convenient, and the massage is fantastic! Not one minute is wasted! You get a full hour.

I highly recommend Relax!

I love Rianne Chavez. She is a great choice for massage in Wichita. I did massage myself for 20 years and easily recommend her to lots of people.

She's a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to get things done. A lot of my clients see me to tune up their business then see her directly afterwards for important self-care.

I love getting a massage at Relax Wichita. Rianne is unlike any other massage therapist I've been to around town. I truly appreciate how she shares so much information about her industry and overall self-care through her podcast and social media.

Rianne is the best!!

She is very knowledgeable and cares about giving clients the best experience. She listens to your needs and uses a combination of the skills to help with pain management or relaxation.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Relax Wichita!

Hands down the best massage I’ve had in a very long time.

Why? Because I was super comfortable, I was able to actually relax and not feel anxious during my massage. The table is so comfortable as soon as I laid down I knew this was going to be bomb. She used hot stones and intuitively knew what I needed.

Any of my friends who are artists, servers or anyone really stressing their bodies because of work please schedule an appointment with her!

If you don’t love it I’ll let you slap me that’s how confident I am about this.

Rianne is amazing!!!

One of the best therapists I have ever had and by far the best in this area.

She is also a very nice person and I feel extremely comfortable with her.

Highly recommended and I cannot wait for my next session!

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Relax Wichita is a private massage practice in College Hill.

Relax Wichita is currently only seeing existing clients and clients by referral only.

Dedicated to providing a damn good massage with passion, presence, and purpose.


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