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Find balance + peace with massage therapy for mental health. I help entrepreneurs increase their creativity + productivity so they can make more money.

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i help entrepreneurs + professionals increase their mental clarity.

It is not possible to put out your best work when you are stressed, depressed, or feeling anxious. The way you show up in life and business is directly impacted by your mental health + massage can help! 

Why do you need Relax Wichita?

You can stop living with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Create the business and life of your dreams with the help of massage therapy. You deserve a mental break to find balance and peace.

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The price you see is what you pay. That’s it.

Relax Wichita takes a simple and different approach to business with things like one price for any type of massage (no Pink Tax), no up-charges for any “extras”, and a no gratuity policy.

Rianne takes a slightly more complicated approach to providing massage therapy. This means you get a massage therapist that stays on top of relevant research, takes new classes regularly, pays attention to the client, and has a very high standard for sanitation.

You get a massage therapist that has passion + integrity.

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