A Stress Relief Tool You Always Have With You

August 8, 2021 Author: Rianne Chavez

Ever wonder what the most effective stress management tool is? It’s easy and free!

Just breathe. 

 Yes, it’s that simple. Kind of. Most of us don’t know HOW to breathe properly. Yes, I know breathing is necessary for life, but when was the last time you were actually aware of your breathing?

The easiest way to breathe for stress relief in my opinion is the diaphragmatic breathe. Start by placing one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Take a normal average breathe and pay attention to which hand rises with your body first. My guess, it’s your chest.

Now, take a second breathe and focus on moving the hand on your abdomen out while you inhale. Once it feels like the air is deep within your tummy, then the hand on your chest should rise.Inhale as slowly as possible. Some say to take 8 counts to inhale. Do what works for you, but make sure it’s slowly.

Exhale. My preferred method is to just sigh and let the air escape my body. I don’t like exhaling slowly, but you can if you prefer.

Repeat the process three times.

Take time to breathe. ~ Before you jump out of bed, just lay there for a moment and take some deep breathes. It’s an awesome way to start your day.

~ When you climb into bed at night. Let the stress of the day go with each exhale.

~ During your breaks at work.

~ Feeling especially stressed? Make it a point to take some extra deep breathes.

~ Stopped at a red light?

~ Step outside. Pay attention to your surroundings. How the sun feels on your face. Or maybe it’s rain. Is there a beautiful landscape to take in? Enjoy it. Even for a moment and breathe!

With stress, our breathing typically becomes shallow. The shallower your breathing becomes, the harder some of your neck muscles may actually be working. This contributes to that pesky tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. Breathing deeply also allows our blood to be better oxygenated and deliver nutrients and oxygen to our bodies!

I hope you are having a lovely day and don’t forget to breathe!