All the Ways to Roll Over During Your Massage

September 8, 2021 Author: Rianne Chavez

It’s that awkward moment in the massage. You are in the “zone” on the verge of snoring or drooling. Quite possibly snoring AND drooling and I have to interrupt your bliss. 

Not only am I pulling you away from your zen, but I’m giving directions with very technical terms like “skooch” and I am making you do something. I'm sorry, but there is no other way.

I think every massage therapist believes their way to millions would be the creation of a flipping device. Until that contraption is made, here are your options when rolling from your stomach to your back:

The inchworm 

This is where you roll over, and then slowly inch your way down the table. Usually, your knees are working to help your upper body be inched down the table.

The wedgy-maker 

This is the name of the roll-over technique where the person rolls over and in one quick motion pushes their whole body down the table. The con to this technique is that the underwear does not move quite as far down the table as the body does. This move is followed up with the person then adjusting their underwear.

Simultaneous slide down and roll 

I am not a master of this technique. It’s beautiful to watch. Smooth and graceful. In one action, the person that masters this technique is both rolling over and pushing themselves down the table. It’s a seamless move and has no cons that I know of.

Push and roll

My personal recommendation. First, push your body down the table out of the face cradle, and then rollover. You can use your forearms as leverage and lift your body up just enough so there is no friction in the move.

Sit-up and roll

On rare occasions, a person may need to completely sit up keeping their legs extended in front of them, then move their butt down the table and roll over from there.

Regardless of the technique you choose, give your therapist time to secure the sheet. We don’t judge, we just want it to be the least disruptive move possible for you.

(Although I have wondered if there could be correlations to personality and technique of choice, like "what your sleeping position says about you".)

Don't stress over it!

We will do our best to keep you on the table, covered, and return you to your zen as quickly as possible.