Massage is Your Tool - You Should Have Many Tools

June 8, 2021 Author: Rianne Chavez

I am but a tool, a facilitator of healing, and a pebble on your path to optimal health.

There should be many, many pebbles on your path, of all different colors and shapes.

Your journey may be made of pebbles that represent acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, healthful eating, meditation, or medicines for maintaining your health. Everybody’s path is different; decide what kind of pebbles you will be walking on.

While massage has a myriad of benefits, and in most cases feels good. It is not the absolute fix-all to your problems.

Having the right expectations for your massage will aid you in getting the most benefit out of your bodywork session. It seems relaxation clients expect to come to my office and have an hour of time for them. To decompress, escape their reality, and leave their troubles at the door. They are not expecting me to fix the issues that are causing their need to “just relax”. They know they need to deal with issues beyond the doors to the sanctuary of my massage room. 

I find “just relaxing” to be one of the most THERAPEUTIC things a person can do in their life. Yet, so many people, even in our industry, are dismissive of “just relaxing”.

Medical clients, or clients with a medical condition, more often seem to want me to “fix their problem.” It’s simply not possible, I wish it was. A massage is simply a tool, a way to facilitate your healing. It’s not a cure. Do you have shoulder pain? Has a doctor told you its frozen shoulder, or a rotator cuff injury? I might have the perfect massage for you. Releasing adhesions in the shoulder capsule and loosening the inner fascia. Returning your muscles to their neutral and relaxed position and treating any strains that may be present. You will be able to move your arm pain-free again.

Unfortunately, if you don’t help yourself, those same dysfunctional patterns will return. There are exercises to strengthen the muscles that are weak and prevent this from reoccurring. (I could have inserted back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or any body part there. The shoulder was just an example.)

A few weeks ago, I was asked, “Will I always need massage?” I’m not quite sure. 

What will you do to change your thoughts? 

How are you going to remove or deal with your stress? 

Change your postural habits?

Strengthen your weak muscles? 

Are you dealing with your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs? 

Are you eating junk or food that fuels your body? 

These things all play into your overall health and wellness. (I repeated this question to a colleague and their reply was: “Will you quit using your muscles?”)

To reap the most benefits out of your massage, you need to work with your therapist. Own your body and together we can create a situation for healthful and pain-free living.