"No Thank You" to Gratuity

May 17, 2019 Author: Rianne Chavez

Orange/brown textured paper with a section torn back in a paper curl revealing \

Rianne has a new gratuity / tipping policy and here's why.

Gratuity or tips are always a touchy subject to bring up. It’s awkward and it doesn’t help that massage is in a grey area! Here is my personal policy on the subject:

You’re more than thoughtful and I truly appreciate it! Save it for your next visit.

As the owner of Relax Wichita, I set my prices. I get to keep what I make, minus the cost of business of course. To put it simply, I know my value and cost of business and have set my rate based on that.

Common etiquette is that the owner does not need to be tipped. I don’t want the issue of gratuity to be stressful or prevent you from getting a massage or maintaining a regular massage/wellness routine. Save your money for your next visit.

I would prefer to keep things simple. I consider massage as important tool in your healthcare routine and I think accepting tips makes that a grey area.

Still feel the need to show gratitude? I truly appreciate that and have some other ways you can do that.

  • Share your massage experience with your friends. Let them know that they don’t have to live with pain, tension, and stress. Send them to Relax Wichita for a massage. (Here is a hint: One new client a month that comes in every month brings in almost $1200 a year.)
  • Write a review or share our business on social media. Google Local and Google+ are becoming more important for search engines. Search engines are important because they get people to Relax Wichita. There is also Yelp, Facebook, Bing. Reviews help others make a purchasing decision. Taking a few minutes to leave your thoughts on our business is VERY valuable!
  • If that still doesn’t feel like enough, I don’t mind homemade goodies, tacos, or coffee. Or make a donation to a great cause.

Of course, these are the personal feelings of me, myself, and I. There is no way I can speak for other massage therapists.

Honestly, I just appreciate that you allow me to do something I love and am passionate about every single day. What's that quote about finding something you love to do and never working a day in your life... yep, massage is that for me!